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Tom's Story

"Hi, My name is Tom and I am 22 years old, and I have been with IPSUM since 2019.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when I was 13 years of age. I did and do really struggle in many levels, especially In my younger years and today too!  I struggle in selected situations with my confidence and social skills.

IPSUM are an outstanding service for people with difficulties providing a safe place with the correct staff to help you fulfil and enjoy the particular activities they have to offer! I am lucky to have my very supportive Mum which I must be grateful for as my primary carer, she has reached out to local support teams and we feel that Ipsum has been the best service I've found in 8 years! I can say that attending IPSUM weekly is the highlight of my week!


My past in Music and why I attend IPSUM: My Mum and My stepdad, Ian who is a fantastic support to the family both themselves grew up on stage eve on higher levels in acting before I was born! I started performing with different Pantomime groups for different stages around Swindon from a very young age. My last time I actually was on the stage in a group was when I was roughly 16. However, as it stands my confidence in stage performing has dropped as far as group work stands.  My experience of having Asperger’s is that misunderstanding and judgement by others has led to me feeling fear, peer bullying has reduced my group social confidence!

I work with a team member each week there called Rich. He does PC music software mixing and we both are co-writing my own solo songs generally POP / RAP. which is something I didn't believe I would have accesses to do. Not only do we work on music but in the sessions, I get the opportunity to discuss my emotions and get really good outlooks on other things having different perspectives, which is most appreciated!

The second Music staff member I work with is Mike, who I work with every few months who is a very talented musician playing most all instruments in the studio! Rich and Mike both make your day and experiences rememberable and very relaxed.

I'm really happy that I’m walking down a new path going as a solo artist doing Pop, Rock and Rap!

Thank you, IPSUM, for being here they have so much to offer there including other staff to talk to, Art and other therapies!"

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