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Pete's Story

How Music Helped Me

"I first met with Ipsum when they had a pop up shop and exhibition in the town centre.

Mike was playing the bass guitar and offered for me to have a go, I hadn't played for years but I had a go and enjoyed it!


I then started at the Ipsum studio where I recorded some songs which was really enjoyable. 

They organised a jamming session for over 50's on a Monday morning and I went along and started jamming with some others. We loved it and formed a band called the Mystic Mondays.  During lockdown we have been able to keep in touch and look forward to playing again in the future when services reopen.

I and many people  have had a great experience and gained much confidence to play, sing, paint and many other things that Ipsum offers.

This is my testimonial to anybody that feels that they need to have contact, make friends and get help to achieve boosting their self esteem."

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