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The Recipe for Ipsum


1 Director with vision and hope

3 Creatives with energy and scope

1 Project Manager although 3 jobs in one

4 trustees with a job to be done

Admin and data, biscuits, and tea

56 volunteers a necessity

Social media to spread the word

Listen to the community who need to be heard

Passion and love in equal amounts

A desire to change is what really counts



1. First, we add lyrics, songs, and rhyme

You can sing out of key and not be in time

Having fun and learning skills is all that does matter

Using DAW, instruments, and studio to make a perfect batter


2. Creatively take risks, it’s safe to have a go

Taking chances in art encourages you to grow

Add social time, learn skills, have a confidence fix

Means the art room makes such a perfect mix


3. Every Wednesday there’s excitement!

Presenting, debating, engineering, in the basement!

Baking a radio programme as part of a team

Going out on Swindon 105.5 builds self esteem


4. Creative writing is exploring whatever you’re drawn to

Short stories, journaling, poems including haiku

A way to offload and relieve your stress

Writing is a safe way to make a literal mess!


5. If its present or past that causing you concern

A healthy portion of therapists can be available for support long-term

Deep rooted issues that affect daily life

Can be explored and smoothed out, like icing on a pallet knife


6. Covid-19 proved a test to us all

Blending the service seemed a good call

Although we were shaken, our creativity stirred

We responded to people, made sure they were heard


7. Take all the above in a community mixing bowl

Don’t stop now you are on a winning roll

A delicate balance of ingredients folded in gently

The recipe works like a treat with passion a plenty


8. Lots of motivation stops us getting stuck to the sides

Evaluating community feedback helps us to decide

Baked for five years down in Milton Road

With love and respect of others is our Ipsum code



9. Icing on our Ipsum Cake

We are real, immediate and suffer no red tape

Our hand is always there to catch the ones that fall

Through the cracks in society that can trip us all


10. At 13 Milton Road we baked an Ipsum cake

With care, support, and innovation

At the core of our foundation

Caring is the heart of our organisation

Taste testing

So, you see to explain we have really tried

Along with the words we’ve laughed we’ve cried

To explain our charity has put us to the test

In one last line...

Ipsum is simply the best!

Ipsum-logo-final-smh-cmyk (002) (1).png
Written October 2021, by the Ipsum team...
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