Creative Writing

Creative Writing As Therapeutic Support


Creative writing is a fun and therapeutic way to manage your inner thoughts and feelings.

It can:

  • relieve stress 
  • build self confidence
  • allow your free creative self to safely explore through the written word
  • create a sense of achievement and artistic expression
  • teach you a new skill that enables you to express yourself

Our creative writing facilitators will support you to find and release the creative author we all have inside us.


 Also, see 'Its you' dropdown for the monthly poetry themes, these can be directly uploaded to instagram or sent to Ipsum to add to the social media.  You dont need to give your name if you prefer to be anon or create a sudonym like Banksy did!

Write away is not running on the  22nd June 21. There will be set tasks to manage at home on these weeks if you would like to.


Reserve a place on each workshop in advance by contacting us