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Margaret’s Story

"I was running away from people, I was hiding and not seeing people. I would just be at home not talking to anybody. I had a lot of solitude in life.

I started to come along to the art rooms to get out of my flat and have contact with other people whilst doing something I love. I love the sewing, it’s good for the brain.

Coming along to the art project has helped me, I feel free... I can talk to people now. It’s still not so easy outside in the community to speak to people but at IPSUM I can talk to people and have a laugh with them."

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that we had to say goodbye to Margaret. 

She is very much missed by us all at Ipsum.

Margaret brought happiness and sunshine to many peoples lives.

We hope that she is laughing away with the angels.

~ The Ipsum Team x

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