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Basement 13 Music Studio and The Loft Studio

Therapeutic Music Programmes
Music can give people a voice when words fail them.

Our professional studios offer music tuition, music theory, digital audio workshops, recording techniques and the opportunity to work with our music facilitators. 
Basement 13 Studio
Make and learn music in a safe, supportive professional environment; one to one or as part of a group.

Record your own tracks or the music of others and create your own recording.

Absolutely no experience or musical background is necessary you will be guided, supported and encouraged throughout each activity - within a safe space - working with a professional music tutor.

Many of our service users have reported an increase in their self-esteem and confidence. The new skills and confidence gained through our music programmes have led to new opportunities that previously wouldn't have been thought possible.

Young Peoples Music Sessions
Come and make music with Ipsum!

Our new services for Young people create a welcome addition to the adult services that we provide.

Availability for sessions weekdays , some evenings and Saturdays.  

Music Production - DJ-ing - Mixing
Make computer-based music with an intuitive, powerful Digital Audio Workstation. Our primary tool is the Studio One production programme because it is easy to use, quick to learn and has great workflow for fast and easy music production; alongside that we use other computer-based production programmes such as Melodyne. 

Work with a Producer/Tutor with over 10 years’ experience in:
  • Teaching Basic to Professional level operations in Studio One and other computer-based music production programmes

  • Creating new songs and projects

  • Adding instruments, loops and effects

  • Recording tracks: yours, and other artists

  • Dj-ing, mixing and remixing

  • Editing midi and audio

  • Electronic music.

  • Mixing and mastering.

  • Distributing your music online.

We run sessions in our 'Basement 13 Studio' and 'Loft studio' and have started an Outreach Programme which sees us taking the programme into the community in schools.
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To find out more, or to book a session with our Music Tutors or Therapists contact us.

Sound Of IPSUM

Sound Of IPSUM is a weekly workshop facilitated by the IPSUM music team for service users to plan and produce a radio show with original content including interviews with guest speakers. 

Our radio programme also allows a platform for the music created in the studio to be shared 'on the air' if the artist would like this.  Poetry and Creative writing can also be recorded and shared as part of the monthly broadcast.

Every month the group delivers an hour-long programme called The Art & Soul Show, broadcast on Swindon 105.5 FM on the first Tuesday of the month at 10am.

Contact us if you would like to know more about becoming involved.

Catch up with previous shows on our Mixcloud channel.

Here are a few:


​"I work in the Recovery Team at Chatsworth House and have had service users who have greatly benefitted from attending your groups, especially the radio group, music therapy, recording and 1 to 1 sessions in the studio as well as the other invaluable services you offer.

We really need places like this to refer to, that offer a safe and therapeutic environment. We are aware that music greatly improves people’s moods, confidence and self-esteem. The groups are a safe, enjoyable environment, new clients often describing the warmth and welcome they get and how quickly they feel at ease and look forward to taking part."
Community Mental Health Recovery Coordinator
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