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J's Counselling Experience ~ Poetry to honour the counselling


Could I ask you to hold this lamp for a moment?

Would you mind?

Only I’m tired and weary from my travels

I have these heavy bags

And it’s getting dark

My glasses are misted over

And I can’t see very well


Would you be good enough to hold this lamp?

Just for a moment?

That would be ever so kind


Ah! That’s better already

I’ve got a free hand

Now let me put these bags down

And clean my glasses

And wipe my eyes

Ah, that’s better, I can see

A little bit further down the road now

I need just enough light to see me through

The next step or two

Then perhaps I can carry on


I don’t think I need all this stuff though

Maybe I’ll recycle some when the time’s right


I think I can take back my lamp now

I’m sure I can manage

And thank you so much for your time


I’m really glad I met you

You seemed to know just what I needed

You were more than happy to hold my lamp

You’ve been ever so kind


Written by J and inspired by counselling with Ian at IPSUM

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