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"Your team were amazing who came to site and delivered the sessions with our Associates. It was very well received by all. In total we held 8 sessions over the 2 days 4 on each day. In total there were 73 people who attended the sessions. We even managed to hold a session with our night shift associates. We can’t thank you enough for the sessions everyone loved it."


​"Your music group with our service users especially the younger ones has proved to be very popular. They enjoy it hugely and improves their confidence and self-esteem. For some it is the highlight of the week. It helps in keeping their mood up and it seems to have an excellent antidepressant effect."


​"I was using the music studio to learn to create music on the computer and I found that I started to open up about how I’m feeling. It was suggested that I started to work with a counsellor to talk about some of the thoughts that I was having. Seeing my counsellor has really helped me to understand how much I was holding in. I feel much lighter now."


​"Through seeing my counsellor every week, I have managed to deal with some issues that I have had since I was bullied as a teenager. I used to feel so anxious about going into new situations and meeting new people, now I feel calmer and can manage better now."


"Engaging in 1-1 therapy helped me make sense of what I was experiencing, I felt calmer, as if the yawning black hole is getting gradually smaller. The suicidal thoughts have receded."

(after 12 weeks counselling)

"Being with Ipsum has improved my confidence quite a lot, and also kept my depression at bay. Speaking weekly with my therapist keeps my mood steady, if I didn't have this support, I dread to think how isolated I would become. I hope to find voluntary work or paid work in the future."


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