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13 Milton Road, Swindon
13 Milton Road, Swindon
Our Patron Mitch Winehouse
Our Patron Mitch Winehouse

The charity started its life in 1974 and has continued to evolve over the years.  Recently we took the the decision to rename the charity from SWADS to IPSUM as we felt this better reflected the new direction that the charity was taking. Our core strengths in talking and creative therapies gave us the foundations upon which to develop our services. 

IPSUM is a latin word meaning 'self' which better reflects the charity that we are today.

Over recent years IPSUM has built on that reputation to develop a range of artistic therapies, broadening its operation to compliment its core professional counselling:

  • Therapeutic Art and Music         

  • Music Therapy    

  • Creative Writing

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Professional Training


Mitch Winehouse


We are delighted that our Patron is Mitch Winehouse, the powerhouse behind The Amy Winehouse Foundation, whose support to young people in need inspires and in many ways mirrors IPSUM’s approach, and whose values it shares.

"I went to see IPSUM for myself, and I recommend you do too."

"I was taken with the remarkable benefits these dedicated people are bringing for people from all backgrounds and personal challenges, I was moved to become actively involved."

"Sadly the need continues to grow: this makes it astonishing and disappointing that IPSUM’s operations are currently not funded at all – a situation that cannot be allowed to continue."

Mitch Winehouse, IPSUM's Patron