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Rachel's Story

Rachel loves music and crafts

"Hello my name is Rachel. I entered the building of Ipsum in 2018. I was not very well and was emotionally in a bad place. I was welcomed into Ipsum. I learned how to paint a few lovely paintings and how to draw nice pictures, mainly of flowers, using just dots. I created quite a few friends  and I really enjoyed the music. I had a handful of music lessons including the drum kit the guitar and also the keyboard. I began to create my own music on the keyboard which was very much based on my own emotions. It touched my soul and heart and music often just 


flowed out from me. I think it required that amount of emotion to get me started, but I’d recommend anyone who would like to, to try it and give it a go. I involved a few friends in some of my music and the rehearsals were good fun. I remember getting one favourite piece of advice from a member of staff and that was… if you think it sounds nice… the staff have all been fantastic really with me at Ipsum offering help and advice. I really appreciate that and I thank you all very, very much. Thank you also to my special friend Lee who is still committed to me to this day. The keyboard is a lovely part of my life now and I am now playing background music to the customers and staff of the Olive Tree Cafe. I hope that my music soothes and pleases other people too."

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