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We all laugh sometimes and cry at others…

We are lifted-up and then let down

We try to smile but form a frown

In equal measure feel joy and sorrow

Happy today, maybe sad tomorrow

We are human and we are diverse

We do not always say what we mean…

Not all bad nor all good though we try

People are truthful then they lie

We stay silent when we should talk

We may run when we should walk

We are human and we are inconsistent

Lives are full of shade and sun…

We doubt, are sure, we love and hate,

We doubt some more, some leave some wait

and battle on through thick and thin

Some we lose but some we win

We are human and we are contrary

Two mindsets can sit side by side…

Moods change as night follows day

Find a flip side to withstand dismay

We might learn to cope – we sink or swim

We see more clearly while our eyes grow dim

We are human and we are paradoxical

by Jutta

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