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Talking Therapies

Psychotherapy and courses to support your wellbeing.
We recognise that everyone is an individual with different needs.
Every one of our Clients has an initial personal, confidential assessment.


IPSUM recognises that there is a growing need for long-term psychotherapy and has worked hard to be in a position to offer this should it be required.

We have a team of psychotherapists who provide counselling to suit the individuals needs either on a one to one basis or as couples. 

Our unique and hollistic approach allows for counselling to be a part of a larger care plan or as a individual intervention. It is this integrated approach unique to IPSUM that proves so effective and supportive for our clients.

  • IPSUM is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and all of our Counsellors work to the BACP Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  • IPSUM is also registered with the Counselling Directory

  • Our Relationship Psychotherapists are qualified and have trained with the Couples Counselling Network.

  • Our team of therapists have a wide range of therepeutic skills to support the counselling relationship. 

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