Paul's story

Paul 1
Paul 1


'I was suffering from depression and anxiety when I found out about Ipsum'


I was suffering depression and anxiety when life dealt me a cruel blow and I suffered four major losses in a really short space of time.

'I ended up in hospital, they told me about Ipsum'

In many ways Ipsum has been a lifesaver and a great place to slowly recover. 

I was in a dark place when I first went to Ipsum, I had suffered a breakdown and life was really hard to manage.  

'The staff are lovely, helpful and unjudgemental and also very supportive'


It took all my strength to go along to Ipsum for my assessment but I am so glad that I did.  It took about half an hour to have my assessment and then they showed me around the music and art studios, it felt so safe and welcoming. I was asked when I wanted to start and I said 'Now please'.  They booked me in for the art the next day!

'Ive learned so much in the art and music studios'

Ive been taught countless painting techniques in the art room and I painted my first every acryllic painting on canvas with the guidance of the facilitators, I called it ' Seven weeks in the Cotswolds' because thats how long it took to paint it.

Also Ive been inspired to try lots of different techniques at home like making a dragon ut of baked bean tins, turning old pie tins into intricate bowls, welding washers and screws together to make sculptures.  This has created a greatly needed distraction from my negative thoughts.

'In the music Ive started to sing' 

I could hardly talk coherantly when I came to Ipsum never mind singing.  Now I'm singing in front of other people, Ive joined in with a new band that they are creating called 'Next Generation' and get to play keyboard, guitar and I have even brought my diggery-doo in from home to record.

'IPSUM gave me a space to relax, learn new skills and start to socialise again in a safe place.'