Holly's Night time thoughts

How I channel my night time thoughts

I am going through a very difficult time at the moment where I feel that I am being constantly judged. I have counselling at Ipsum which has really helped to support me through a traumatic few months.
The other night I couldn't sleep and had random thoughts going around in my head so I wrote them down.

Holly pic
Holly pic

When a moment is just a moment, Feel it


But when a moment lasts for 5

And you just don't feel alive


When you're gasping out for air

And you feel there's nothing there


When you're searching for the light

And see only endless night


When you're looking for something warm

And you find yourself in harm


Take a step back and breathe

Believe you're strong, just believe


You're everything you need

All you need do is breathe


You're amazing

You're the light

You can get through any night


Just breathe and be

Remember "all I need is me"


Celebrate you, there's only ever one

No-one can replace your inner light

Just being you is more than alright